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Judy McNally, a resident of Bakersfield, California, is a new children’s author who has combined her love of writing with her affection for children.  Her newly released books, Itty Bitty Possum and Sagan Saves A Sea Turtle are both recipients of 2021 Silver Mom’s Choice Awards.   More charming adventures are on the way very soon!

A hilarious and fun-loving grandmother, she pens tales using everyday events as her inspiration, with the goal of providing funny, teachable moments in children's literature.  McNally states that “Children are the most amazing little creatures that have ever been so graciously bestowed upon mankind.  They embody goodness, innocence, silliness, laughter and a natural curiosity that should never be suppressed or taken for granted.  That curiosity is a sure cure for boredom and in turn, blossoms into imagination and creativity!”  

From art to interior design, gardening, writing, or finding the PERFECT TACO, she is always on the hunt for new and interesting ways to make the world a bit more lovely! 

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Imagine That by J. L. McNally
New Book Coming Soon

Imagine That!

A tale of an extremely bored young boy whose imagination takes flight one very, very rainy day! Brayden and his dog, Lucky, go on a whimsical quest of discovery as he ponders "what if" and "imagine that."

Silver Mom's Choice Award

Sagan Saves a
Sea Turtle!

Sagan, a young boy who lives near the ocean, makes an unusual discovery. This is the story of how he responds to a living creature in distress. It is a sweet story of adventure, compassion and bravery.

Sagan Saves a Sea Turtle! book
Itty Bitty Possum book
Silver Mom's Choice Award

Itty Bitty Possum

Itty Bitty Possum is a charming and spirited family adventure that begins when they encounter a frisky and misunderstood possum. The rhythm of the verses is engaging both for the reader and the listener. A wonderful tale for story time! The backyard shenanigans perfectly illustrate that looks can sometimes be deceiving!

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